Monarch's Transitional Housing Program

Los Angeles County is home to a significant number of homeless people at high risk for homeless, incarceration, substance abuse recovery and mental health challenges. For this reason they are eligible to for Transitional Housing Program .The primary goal of Monarch Children and Family \Program is to assist these high-risk individuals in obtaining and remaining in secure and safe housing, social supportive services, and access to mental health services, so that they can achieve self-sufficiency life skills and emotional and financial independence upon completion of our program.

Our transitional housing program is designed to give you an opportunity to learn how to live on your own and become self-sufficient in the community. This transition can be a difficult with out a support system, and we want to offer support so that the transition can be successful.

This contract outlines the rules, responsibilities and expectations of our housing program. Please refer to the Resident Handbook for more detailed information. By signing this contract, you agree to abide by all the conditions and expectations as set forth in this agreement and in the Resident Handbook. Any violation of these conditions and expectations may result in you appearing before a Review Board of Stepping Stones, to determine whether you should be allowed to remain in the program. As a participant in the program, you agree to the following conditions:

Participants are required to be enrolled in one or all of the following programs:
1. A full-time or part-time student enrolled in accredited educational program
2. A full-time or part-time job
3. Must attend Monarch Transitions Life Skill Group Seminar
4. Must attend house meeting once a month
5. Must stay in compliance with probation and DCFS
6. Must pay rent monthly on the 1st. All utilities are included.
7. Up to 2 occupants per room

We Accept Women with Children - Women in Recovery
Monarch Children and Family Services THP Program is currently unable to accept: Individuals who have significant physical disability Recent Psychiatric Hospitalization 5150 hold within the last 1 year.

MCFS's THP offers or refers the following services to participants:
Safe, stable living accommodations Basic life-skill building, including consumer education and instruction in budgeting, the use of credit, housekeeping, menu planning, grocery shopping, food preparation and self-administration organization skills (such as keeping people records safe and accessible), DMV driving license training programs. Interpersonal skill building, including enhancing young people's abilities to establish positive relationships with peers and adults, make decisions and manage stress Educational opportunities, such as GED preparation, postsecondary training and vocational education Assistance in job preparation and attainment, such as career counseling and job placement Education, information and counseling to prevent, treat and reduce substance abuse, at risk sex, and neighborhood awareness. Mental health care, including individual and group counseling Physical health care, including routine physicals, health assessments and emergency treatment Social and Recreational Activities.

If you or somebody you know is in need of Transitional Housing please contact
Dr. Smith or Ms. Daphney at 323-445-3074 to begin an intake assessment today.

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